Our philosophy


Good breeding is not multiplying but improving the breed.
That is why we are attentive to:
Both parents have to be in good health and free from genetic diseases. All adult dogs and puppies are carefully vaccinated and dewormed. Puppies are kept in a clean and disinfected environment.

Our aim is to breed beautifull Malinois in accordance with the standard. The malinois is a well muscled and elegant dog with a proud carriage of the head and neck.
Our dogs have an official Belgian, international FCI recognized pedigree, with registration in the "LOSH" (livre des origines Sint-Hubert). Puppies have DNA certificat

We are member of the Belgian, Dutch and French breedclub.

All our puppies are reared in the home and are well socialized.(Everybody is welcome to visit us and help us socializing the puppies) We also get them used to all sorts of noise. Our Malinois have a strong desire to work, without aggression. They have a good will to please.
Breeding dogs doesn’t stop by selling the puppies. We follow offspring very carefully. New owners with questions or worries are always welcome to contact us for advice.
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